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Good aftermarket carb recomendation? 1981 CB900

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Hey everybody,

I picked up a freebee CB900C not too long ago and found that it was in better condition then I thought! The engine turns with no problem, spark seems good, and the rust isnt all that bad. And the electronics also work completely fine! Its like nothing went wrong! The only areas that really need work are the brakes and the carbs. Right now, I've slowly been rebuilding each carb on it and am getting pretty sick of all of the vacuum operation that this thing relies on. Down the road, I'd really like to upgrade to a more simple and higher performance set of carbs.

The bike is an '81 so it has the newer DOHC setup. Are there any decent aftermarket carbs that will go on this thing? And has anybody put a set of cone air filters on them? I'd like to do that too, I really like the look.

Any help is appreciated!
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These carbs:

K&N filters only, thanks.

If you don't run some kind of inner rear fender, even quality filters won't stop your motor eating crap and dying.

Danger, is my business.
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