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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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A friend of ours had a 3 wheel offroad - god damn stupidly dangerous things aye, so easy to roll.

Tbh, anything with 3 wheels is a little silly.

(edit) dunno why that wont embed properly, its the TopGear episode with the rollypolly Reliant Robin.
All 3 wheelers silly? I don't think so.
I saw a cracking race at Snetterton about 20 years ago, 3 Morgans, and half a dozen Triumph Triples. The Morgans came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


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I was just about to agree with you, when I remembered this one.


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I'm not really sure what it qualifies as.
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Nearly bought a VF1000R about 10 years ago. I test rode it for a weekend, and really liked it.
Before I got it back to the dealers to do the deal I saw a mint condition low mileage CBR1000 which I couldn't resist.
The VF's a beautiful looking bike though. If I remember correctly it had a very expensive carbon fibre fairing fitted.
I've added the rearsets to my watchlist, may well put a bid on them.
I've owned 5 K100's over the years, as Hillsy said they're not the most exciting bike in the world, but they'll cruise at 100mph all day every day, and return 55mpg.
As Witorth said the 750's are smoother.
Servicing is mainly oil changes, engine oil, and filter... every 5000 miles, gear box, and drive shaft... every 10,000 miles (80w/90 must be GL5)
Air filter and plugs.... every 10,000
Shims and injectors... every 20,000
Drive shaft splines need greasing fairly regulalry, but it's not a difficult job.
Tyres and brake pads last reasonably well.
I had to replace the gearbox and bevel drive on one bike but this was after a little over 200,000 miles.
If I was to buy another it would probably be a Triple
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That's a lot of bike for little money.
Like the look of this, well out if my price range though.
Whizz onto 1.30 on this and if you squint enough. it almost looks like the same bike for a second..

Showing my age now, I can vaguely remember going to the flicks to see the film:eek:
I'm very lucky I'm not in the UK, or my brain (and my wallet) would explode.
I think mine already have. :(
There's been a few Pantah's for sale recently, I'll keep an eye on this one. Could be a good buy.

Silver Ducati Pantah 600SL (1984) | eBay


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I actually like them. Its a shame you didnt finish that other Pantah, but I guess you have enough on the go
Your're not wrong Mark. Started another Sachs a few weeks ago, and while it's away having a tank made there's a fair amount of work on this FZX750.
Followed by a Ducati Darmah/NCR replica early next year.


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Nice looking CB1100, seems at lot of money though. HONDA CB1100F | eBay
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