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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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Could get this US to UK import for £1k/$1.5k

It's rough though.

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Wait, what?
Me want!

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Everyone should own a chopper.
Don't like choppers, they'd be useless over here and be like the Harleys that only go out when it's nice weather and theres a straight road.

The BSA is an import from your end, not sure exactly where but he couldn't shift it for what it owed him (including shipping), so my uncle made a cheeky bid, bided his time and got it for around a £1k. It's just sat ATM as he's got more than enough projects on the go so I might let him give it me for Xmas, or cover his costs.
It doesn't "leak oil" it's just marking it's territory "like all brit bikes do"
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This fits neither the good deals (unless really cheap is good?) nor the cool aspect of this thread but I needed to share it.
A bike shop in Derbyshire, UK has been closed down and everything is up for auction.

John Pye Auctions: Lots
Brave enough to bid. Now he's only ever getting less for it.
Yeah, it looks cool as fuck. The pic I posted is a '70 T120 running racing cams, rejetted carbs and all manner of tweaks that still runs lean after 20 years of fettling.
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