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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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Price might be a bit high....BUT if you are going to build a "café" DOHC should be this....
Honda CB | eBay
After seeing some of the crap people are trying to sell for 6k this looks like a steal. It is what I picture a vintage Japanese "cafe style" bike to look like, with the exception of the bug eyes, it's a nice bike. Would rather a single headlight set into the fairing.
I think you would need to do a conversion if the engine is NFG, they used an OMC horizontal twin.

Ive been eyeing a sidecar rig for a bit. Something to share with the kids while they still are willing.
That's very cool. I always wonder what problems you might encounter with regular use after spending so much of it's life sitting, is it going to suffer hanger queen syndrome like a plane.
It's funny, the only time I ever see one of these G80's for sale it is usually still in the crate new or has never been ridden/registered. I've never seen one where someone has actually used the thing.

Frame by Harris, Engine by Rotax, Badge and sales failure by Matchless - it's like the best of all worlds.
Sales failure today, collectable tomorrow?
overpriced... but cool RUPP Roadster
Sold this original Roadster 2 for $800US less then a year ago. Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
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Yamaha TZ750 D Model Grand Prix
With Spondon's mechanical anti-dive system, fitted to Spondon magnesium forks. Over $30,000 in new parts and upgrades.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Motorcycle
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1975 Dresda street legal race bike

Only known one in Canada. Has Kawasaki big bore 987 cc Yoshimura stage 2 engine. Yosh race oil cooler. Aluminum tank. Metal profile (MP race forks). Tomaselli clip-ons. CMA cast aluminum wheels. Dresda box swing arm. Lockheed brakes. Clean Alberta title.
Has metallic green finish which does not fully show in the pictures.
This rare and legendary example of the iconic marque, produced by Dresda Racing in London, England. Designed and hand crafted by the legendary innovator of the "Triton" hybrid - Dave Degans. Degans was a top international G.P. racer in the sixties, mixing it with such G.P. legends as Mike Hailwood, Geoff Duke, Derek Minter, and later in his race career turned to 24 hour endurance racing, designing and building his own race bikes. Dave won twice at the 24 hr races at Bol d'Or Spain.
Such was the demand for his superb race prepared bikes, he started to supply customers with race frame kits both for racing and for the discerning road rider.
This bike is such an example. An amazing fast lightweight race bike, for the roads.
Invest now in this appreciating classic machine.
Dresda Racing still supply any spare parts you would require for this bike.
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorcycle Motor vehicle
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Kawasaki S3 400 Mach II triple
3 cylinder 2 stroke oil injection
Museum quality (100% all original, numbers matching.) With workshop manual, original manual and tools. Canadian bike with active Alberta title. Runs as good as it looks. 8,295 miles
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Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
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