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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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These anything special?
asking $2250

1965 Ducati 200 GT
It's somewhat rare but not as desirable as, say, a Mach 1 or Diana. Most Ducatis (in the US) from that era are Monzas or Scramblers. I'm not all that current with values but IMHO the price doesn't seem out of line, they're getting more expensive every year. If you want a Ducati single there are a LOT worse example out there to start with, it seems mostly there and has some desirable parts on it, namely the tank which is very similar to a Mach 1 tank. If I had it I'd probably put on some lower bars, take off the rear rack, get it running and ride it as is. You could build a Mock 1 out of it pretty easily if that was your aim...
I like the DUCATI but I will be getting a Buell 1125r as soon as one pops up worth buying that DUC is hot.
For $3500 you could buy a 900ss, probably even an SP if you were patient. Unless there was a specific reason I had to have a 750 I'd pass...
Never said it was "fully original" or "fully restored". Just keep making shit up Douche Bag.
One definition of "original" is "being the first or earliest". A bike can be the first or earliest and still have been modified. Therefore it can be restored and original.
Sorry, but you failed this time in finding something negative to say about just about everything.
You're reaching on this one due to your infatuation with Wit. You can modify a bike or you can restore it, but you can't do both. Unless you are restoring a modified bike, in which case it's no longer original. Unless of course you are restoring a bike modified by someone significant in which case it could be an original So and So. But then it would be restored and AN original. Not restored and original. "An original" and "original" have different implied meanings based on usage but then you already know that and this is yet another excuse to bitch about Whitworth.

We get it.
I love those bikes. They are my favorite version of that era Super Sport. If my 996 had sold there's an SL near Chicago that would likely have come home with me by now... All that said I doubt he'll get what he's asking for it.
If that were local I think I'd be bidding on it. I've been looking for a trackbike project and that'd be one heck of a good use for a Mantra chassis. Cripes, even typing the name makes me throw up a little... them things was ugly...
1980 Ducati 900SS Black and Gold

I know nothing about ducati. Why is this bike so pricey?
It's a bevel, and bevel prices have been rising across the board for the past 5-10 years, especially a bevel with "SS" in the name. It seemed bit expensive to me at first but I haven't really followed the squarecase market for a few years so it could be about right. I dunno... it's also in pretty good shape, considering. At least it's still more or less original in that no one has hacked it up into a project or done a half assed restoration on it. I was going to say I saw one for sale in similar condition for half that price a few years ago, but now I'm realizing it was probably closer to ten years ago. Time flies. Anyway, I think part of it is the bike is one of those things that guys wanted back when it was new but couldn't afford it. Now they can, and Ducati's success over the past 20 years hasn't hurt either. What's that line out of the Gione in 60 Seconds remake about having a new Ferrari vs having an old one? I attached an article by Peter Egan describing his thoughts on one at the end here. Probably a little too sappy for some of the hard core riders here but it just shows that certain bikes strike a chord in some people, and this is one of them.

Because there are idiots out there that will pay it.
"Idiots" aka anyone with more money than you who likes Italian bikes? Most every idiot who bought one of those in the past 20 years can now sell it for more than he paid. In some cases much more. It's a bike that is financially worth rebuilding from a barn find. That bike falls under the category of "He didn't pay too much but he may have bought too early"... and in the meantime he's had a bike that can run and hide from every CB350 "cafe racer" this site has ever seen. Hell, the exhaust note alone is worth what a CB350 would cost.

From the March 2008 issue of Cycle World

EDIT: Yesterday I was at the Detroit Auto show and saw the new Ducati Diavel X or whatever it's called. Ducati's belt drive cruiser. Didn't hate it but have no interest in owning one. Then I just reread this and had to chuckle at the "We don't want Eric Clapton doing the Best of Justin Timberlake and we don't want Ducati making cruisers..." line. Time changes everything I guess.


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That's cheap! Are those still pretty quick?
That seems like a good place to start for a track bike.
Reserve is likely near the $3500 BIN price. For that money I'd look for a mid90s 900ss instead. There is a 900ss track bike on for less than that right now, but IMHO it's still overpriced as it's a '96 CR which is the worst of all worlds, 900ss-wise.

But saying.........being able to run away and hide from a cafe CB350 is no street cred.
My CB350 comment was due mainly to their popularity as "cafe racers", and my general non-interest in them as such. Track bikes against similar bikes? Cool. Absolutely. Sign me up. Street bikes? Not so much. They fall into the toy bike category in the land of 80mph SUVs. The 900ss can hold it's own though.
Exactly, you nailed
I feel the same way about people who buy fancy watches...

Driving in to work through the snow the other day I was reminded of the Carlin routine about how anyone driving slower than you is an idiot and anyone driving faster is an asshole. So true, so true. :cool:
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Awesome timing. I'm looking at a '91 right now and this is a great alternative/bargaining point.
$40000 new, really?
Yep. And next to the Desmosedici that was being sold at the same time (for about $30k more then the R) , some people considered the R to be the better bike. If nothing else, the R doesn't have the Desmo's ridiculous maintenance needs.
those wheels stock?
They look stock to me. There are a few changes between the '91 and '92, one of them was they painted the wheels black instead of white if that's what has you wondering. ('92 is actually a "better" bike but the '91 has sentimental value)
Ah yes, 1984 Ninja. IIRC one magazine touted it as "the red bike the boys in blue will learn to hate".

EDIT: How sad is it I can remember a magazine cover from 30+ years ago but always have to look up the address of the place I've worked for past 17 years...


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EDIT: Yeah, what he^^^ said.

Now it says 5100 and it also says "reserve not met" which begs the question; why not just open the bidding at your minimum reserve and save everybody a lot of bytes.
While the psychology behind a low opening bid with a reserve will be argued until the end of time, to a serious buyer I don't see why it matters. Bid what you think it's worth. If you're below the reserve you haven't lost anything. If you're above the reserve, the current price will be whatever the reserve was so if no one else bids you got it for less than you thought it was worth. If you get outbid someone else wanted it more than you. (and that low opening bid? Look how many people it got interested/bidding in the auction...)

The problem comes in when maroons who don't understand proxy bidding start bumping up losing bids by $5 each time until they have the high bid, which is the reason sniping software is popular. But now I'm ranting.
Hmmm...this '91 CBR250RR just became legal to import, and this site says they will handle the transaction and ship it.

Careful with that. The 25 years is calculated from date of manufacture, not model year. So if the '91 whatever was built in August and you try to import it in April you might have issues. At least that's what I found when I looked into importing a 1991 851 from Canada.


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The bottom dropped out of the UK 250 market in the early 80's, due to the new 125 learner laws.
There's quite a few nice CBR/VFR 400's for sale over here though.
That VFR400R is just way too cool...
Yes it is a lot of money, but these are epic.
Ducati Superbike | eBay
Check out what a major service on one costs. It's the kind of bike you want a friend to own... and let you ride once or twice.
I'm not sure it's a good deal, but I also don't think I should make fun of it even though it's about as useful as, um, a thing that's not very useful in the real world.

Ducati Aerodynamic aka dustbin


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"Award Winner", what award, he doesn't say. I've been to shows where everyone got a "participation award" just for entering.

Built by owner, yet it is all original except the discs,
Actually the ad says the frame is per original, not that the bike is all original...
Seems like a lot of bike for the money.
2000 Ducati 748
Prices on that era superbike are in the toilet right now. You could buy a nice 996 for that price, maybe not with the carbon crap but for my money a stock 996 wins out over a farkled 748 biposto. Which is a long way of saying I'd be surprised if he gets that for it.
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