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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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I'm not sure how that's "Cafe/OEM Style." I guess that would be cafe style, yet somehow still stock. I don't know how that would work, unless you've got one of these:

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2002 MZ 125 Dirt Bike - $500 (South Reno)

Wow, I have to wonder how many ever came to the States?

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

MZ designed their own 125 mill, and from what I've heard it is actually quite a decent little motor.

2002 MZ 125 Dirt Bike
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All the HRC goodies alone make the cost of the bike.

Honda : CBR in Honda | eBay Motorcycles
Why would you build a race bike and then not race it?
Anybody got any input on these bikes for me? Seems like a solid deal to me.

1980 honda CB 650
Balkiest shifting transmission to ever come out of Honda, commonly with false neutrals depending on the tolerances of the particular machine.
[h=2]1957 Ariel Square Four Mark II - $11000 (Kansas City North)[/h] Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire

1957 Ariel Square Four Mark II
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2005 MZ 1000S with 133 miles for $5200 in Atlanta.
I'd have to seriously consider this if it was closer.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorcycle Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorcycle Automotive exhaust

Mz motorcycle
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My post about my B50SS on another thread (BSA Starfire 250, here) got me out cruising CL for late OIF BSAs.
Wow, there's some great, rare BSA stuff out there for sale right now!
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Fuel tank

1971 BSA Lightning A70L 750cc

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

1971 BSA A75 Factory 5 speed

.....Although if it was up to me, I'd get a standard 650 Lightning, like I wanted in high school.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Fuel tank

1971 BSA Lightning. Beautiful original bike. 4603 miles!
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"...with the rare dove gray frame..."
I know it is considered one of the stupid OIF-era decisions that killed BSA, but I always thought the dove gray (or should I say "dove grey") frames were pretty cool, if unconventional and not very British.
is the frame color really the thing that killed the brits? or was it the inability to make a competetive product.
The truth was that they had been growing less and less competitive for some time, and Meriden did manage to sell at least a few Bonnies for a decade after the collapse. I was referring to the sharp, stunning, almost deliberate-seeming decline in '71-'73. A lot of the steepness of that slope was the high seat height of the new frame, the lame new brakes, the totally non-traditional styling...basically, a total failure to understand who was buying their bikes and why.
I don't know how to convert $ to your limey money without googling it, but it's a feckin nice looking bike!
Currently, £1195 = $1650 according to American Express, $1665 on
I use the AmEx rate because that's what it will cost me when I make an overseas purchase. The Google rate always seems way higher.
If you make an over seas purchase in the UK from here I doubt you will get the rate from AmEx.
I just checked AmEx conversion and it shows the same rate at $1.687 or $2016 is showing a rate of $1.698 or $2029
These are both current rates.
If I could get the rate you provided I would do nothing but trade dollars for a living at a 38% profit.
Obviously ol' dyslexic me jacked something up when I typed in the numbers. It's a constant problem for me.
I wanted one of these so badly as a kid.

2 Obsolete 1976 Tri-Sport 3-Wheelers - $600 (Independence Mo)
2 Obsolete 1976 Tri-Sport 3-Wheelers

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Classic car
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What about if i'm more specific....... 3 wheelers where there's only 1 wheel in front?
Yes, thank you for being specific. Because five wheels with 1 in the front is awesome.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Tricycle Mode of transport Car
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Yea, I have no interest in partying with either the locals or most of the kids on base. I have a few friends there who I've deployed with that I'll spend most of my free time with. Know any good bike shops around there?
If you ever make it to KC, I'll buy you dinner.
******* vintage SUZUKI GT250 gp moto RACE BIKE *******

this is pretty cool... i wonder how streetable it is.
I know this guy, he's local to me. I've seen this bike on the track and it's a rocket.
A Rotax thumper will never be nearly as impressive as the Supermono engine . . . but a race-prepped Rotax mill is still really cool.
No, but we did get the Seca 900, which was basically the same bike with a handlebar-mounted quarter-fairing. A guy here in the states married one to a 650 Turbo fairing, which turned out much better than you'd guess...

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