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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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no, this is the cool and/or good deal thread...
nah, im further south. thomasville. boston to be exact.
but i was in milledgeville a couple of weekends ago to stay the night with a buddy before we went to the masters.
i went to the first annual sweetwater festival there. i dont even know if its still going on. my roomates buddy got arrested for public intox, underage consumption, and open container. paid $5 to see afro man at capital city (capital shitty?). ended up sleeping on some strangers couch after we bailed the guy out. fun saturday night.
talk him down to $1500 and get this, raven. its only a couple of hours north of you.
there was one guy on here that put clubmans on a DT175, and everyone aparently was applauding him for it...i was the only one saying he was ruining it...

this guy...i still stand by my my comment, the first reply, 100%, because we havent got an update since feb. my vote is he never got it back running, and sold it.
i guess this is how a 15 year old thinks and reasons...
why? its not like you are gonna fix it and ride it...legally...
1 - 20 of 4334 Posts
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