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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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Ponch just came out of the disco-skate night club and was like, "I know I parked it right here!!"
Kris Turner's bike....had several top 10 DSB finishes in 2012.
Since we are on the "Hipster Hack-wagon":

1981 Suzuki GN400 Motorcycle

Man!!! Brings back memories of watching Colin Edwards and Jamie James on the V&H bikes in AMA
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...except that there is no such thing as an '87 FZR600. That motor is an air-cooled engine from an FZ600.
Holy sweet Mother!!!!!

Kawasaki : Other | eBay

This is NOT a EL replica.


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Who makes that bike? I did some searching and it is an Aermacchi when it was owned by Harley when they were owned by AMF. So there is virtually no Harley involvement other than the sticker on the tank.
Aeromacchi, also made their 250 and 350cc GP bikes in the seventies.

..and Harley would NEVER outsource their lower level bikes to overseas companies, today, would they? :rolleyes:
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anything that is advertised as "perfect for the Austin lifestyle" that doesn't come with a rape whistle, Nair, and a butt plug is suspect....
I recently heard Austin described as "the Berkeley of the south." Having grown up in Houston, and spending 18 years in CA, I found that hilarious!
If I was looking for a Harley Aermacchi 250/350, this is the only model I would be interested in......

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Never was a big fan of the Terblanche 900SS bodywork. But I have said it before, one day I will have an earlier SS in my garage (of the 851/888/900 variety)
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And if you need something to haul your shit around....

Rolls Royce Other 1 Ton Dually | eBay
How is someone delusional enough to believe that is worth $75K?!
1. It isn't even close to a 1961 RR body. It is probably closer to a 1968
2. How is putting a RR body on a generic Chevy dually truck frame going to make it worth $40-50K more than a decent 1968 Rolls that is , in fact a Rolls?
Superbikes never were 2-strokes. 500GP and AMA Formula 1 were. But the 4 stroke GP bikes are (and were from the very first year) faster than the 2 strokes ever were. The 4 strokes are able to use the electronics in ways the 2 stroke can't, and thus horsepower can but put to the ground much better and more controlled.

But I sure would like that RGB.
Blue from running too hot because it's running lean.
"Aftermarket pipes,.......k&n filter, and much more", but obviously "much more" doesn't include a fuel controller (PowerCommander, or the like)
Not necessarily a good deal or cool but interesting none the less. On the plus side, looks like you could fit a entire case of beer in the tail!

May be a bit overpriced....but those wheels are worth something.

But there has to be someone that would be interested in a Jacwal Superwedge fairing. There aren't many of them around (probably for good in ugly), but they are a bit of motorcycle history.
That’s almost twice what Hagerty and NADA list the value of on in Concourse condition. And is it the 904, or 851?
What series would a 600cc single be raced in with factory support? The BB1 wasn’t the greatest Bimota model. I remember looking at one for less than $5k about 20 years ago that I was considering racing in the Formula singles class at my local by track. But they had a tendency to grow cracks in their frames. I inspected it closer, and sure enough there were non-OEM fissures around the engine mounts.
Rare, or not, in my opinion the Tamburini 999/749 is the ugliest Ducati sport bike..... even more hideous than the Paso. The Diavel? Well, THAT’S a whole ‘nother story.

Get it while it's under $100k
1. NOT a Superbike
2. WAYYY more interesting than a Superbike.
3. MAN I wish I had spare money just lying around!
Don't see many of these.
I didn’t even know about those! Very cool, but TBH, it makes the Pantah look appealing….
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