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Good deals on Craigslist...or just cool -thread

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I have posted many silly priced things in the other CL thread.

But sometimes there are actually sweet and well priced things that deserve a look. Like this Hodaka:
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but i was in milledgeville a couple of weekends ago to stay the night with a buddy before we went to the masters.
I know this is a vintage bike forum, but i think this would look neat if you dumped the headlights (foglights) thats on it and put a nice 7" round lamp up front and the cluster back on. Or maybe some vintage clocks. It could be a very tasteful streetfighter/modern naked bike look.

There isnt a whole lot going on up here...unless it was thursday night not much was happening. Although downtown is never bad if you like silly college girls ;)
i went to the first annual sweetwater festival there. i dont even know if its still going on. my roomates buddy got arrested for public intox, underage consumption, and open container. paid $5 to see afro man at capital city (capital shitty?). ended up sleeping on some strangers couch after we bailed the guy out. fun saturday night.
Ok, this is a car and not a bike, but Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ!
aaand I found this, which I would almost consider buying considering a payday is coming up...
that 1100F is terrible. The price is terrible, the shorty shocks are terrible, the muffler is god awful, and it is missing all the good bits...yup all around not worthy.

the interceptor on the other hand is a steal.
That interceptor is an exceptional deal.

TheGreg: yeah they still have it. apparently sweetwater brewing tried to sue over the name (i was like wtf, just sponsor the festival and sell tons of beer?). now its the deep roots festival. And its turning less beer and music to more craft show from what i heard. I didnt go last year because I was in Atlanta. looks complete and a little beaten down, but if he would come off the price it might be a good start. If I could get it for half asking price I would have to do it. :)

CB450, Black Bomber? Already cafe'd, titled? Double disk up front? Six miles from my house? $650?

now that 450 has some idea - I would forget the cb200. Go get the bomber.
the cb200 is 20 miles from my house. the 450 is like 2000 :D

talk him down to $1500 and get this, raven. its only a couple of hours north of you.
^ thats a lot of $ for a bitsa dohc
Yeah. Growing up I wanted a DOHC supersport. Then I got a 750c. And the reality of owning a DOHC bike set in...
wow - that is totally a great project I would love to have.
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