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Got me a free '70 CB350...what do I do?

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Cost me nothing, so far.

One of the slide diaphrams is blown in one of the carbs, making it impossible to ride the bike. I've been looking for a replacement part, but hard to find they are.

Old bars, replaced. New bars, nice and straight. Much better looks the bike.

The "bobber" style bike, I like. Would love to turn mine into one. Have never worked on bikes before....only Mustangs and Ferraris.

Hard? Easy? Time consuming? Money consuming?

A straight resto-for-drivability would cost about $600 bux (new cables, new tires, fix the damn carb.) Should I dump another $1000 into it, and if so, will it look dandy?

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Order the part through Honda, I've tried. No longer carried, said Bert's Motorcylce Mall. $85 bux was charged, and refunded.

The tank, fork, and fenders I can sandblast for free. Repaint them in a flat black, I think. Find a wider wheel for the rear and replace, might work? Throw upon it a fat street tire, perhaps?

You think I should put the money into a 550 or 750, eh? Love to do that, I would, but I'm worried about cash expenditure.

What kind of 350 could I have for $1000, assmuning I'm doing the work myself.
What exactly is a clip, by the way?

And regarding wheels/tires, are the stock wheels any good? Can I use them and justy upgrade the tires?
Ahhh...clip ons. Already done that.

There's a nice shop around where I live (SoCal) that had a nice selection of aftermarket handlebars. Ditched the stock ones and bought a fairly nice set, straight in the middle with a slight (30 degree, maybe) bend on each end.

One problem....the clip on I threw on is considerably shorter than the stock bar, and now the cables are a tad bit too long. Is there a set of cables that I can use from another bike, or will I have to get custom ones made?

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