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Got me a free '70 CB350...what do I do?

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Cost me nothing, so far.

One of the slide diaphrams is blown in one of the carbs, making it impossible to ride the bike. I've been looking for a replacement part, but hard to find they are.

Old bars, replaced. New bars, nice and straight. Much better looks the bike.

The "bobber" style bike, I like. Would love to turn mine into one. Have never worked on bikes before....only Mustangs and Ferraris.

Hard? Easy? Time consuming? Money consuming?

A straight resto-for-drivability would cost about $600 bux (new cables, new tires, fix the damn carb.) Should I dump another $1000 into it, and if so, will it look dandy?

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just think of how much different your girlfriend would look if you gave her the 1600. after she got the clothes off, shed be the same. i vote dump it into the bike. actually, the 750's really probably arent worth that much. id say close, in great condition, but id never pay that much for one. if you want someone here to tell you not to spend thousands on an old obsolete motorcycle, it probably wont happen. hell, my bonneville is right back where it started when i got it. sitting under a tarp in the yard. and i dont have any idea how much i put into that thing. if you dig it enough, you'll spend the $$$. im sure someone here can hook you up with the diaghram parts your craving.

oh, a 350.....not worth that kind of money at all. i might have 2000 into my race bike. it was free. i know other people who get them for free.a buddy of mine claims everytime he goes to the dump there is one there. if you need a diaghram, i'll look and see what i have for spares. there was a guy on ebay who had them a while back. i think he claimed to have alot of them. honda still carries them. but they are pricey new. someplace near 100 bucks i think.

you could always turn it into a lawnmower.....
just for tires and alu wheels with stainless spokes, and the associated hware, youre looking at 1200. clips and rears, bought, 3-400. pipes, 3-400. it goes quick. a grand aint much. but it will buy some stuff. depends on how long you want to wait for the right stuff to come along and exactly how pretty you want it to be. 1k is a start.

you can, hell, i run a stock rear rim on my race bike. they are heavy, and rust, but they are fine. most people change them either for appearance, or performance. sorry, about the editing on the words. i meant clip ons. the low down race style handlebars. and that was before i saw the picture of the chop. you had mentioned boober and i wasnt sure if you really meant a chopper or just chopper inspired. if you look at the pics page of, you'll see what i mean by clip ons and rearsets. rearsets being pegs and controls. if you have a machine shop at your disposal, you can hand make alot of the stuff and thats what alot of people do since you cant just buy this stuff anymore.

david silver spares in england will most likely be able to get your part. they are on the web.

sometimes you can shorten the cables on your own if you have the tools to do it. there are places that will make shorter cables for you too. i run stock cables on my bikes. they are a little too long, but it gets delt with. obviously i have less shit to route them around. no headlight or speedo etc..

1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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