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gotta new helmet

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bought a simpson gs3mx motocross helmet. i got a white one. 70 bucks. reg 100 bucks. snell 2000 and dot old stock. it seems to fit well but the ear wells are huge. visibility seems good. the finish is nice, but it does have one little spot that looks like a fibreglass defect, or maybe a paint defect. the straps are nice and the interior is soft. it definitely doesnt fit like the hjc's im used to. a little more of a pointy head would probably fit nicely. it seems kind of cheaply made though. it just doesnt have that nice thud to it that a hi end helmet has. the bill seems like it wouldnt crash well. it has a metal bracket with a large screw holding it on, on the top of the helmet. and, it seems very rigid. ive heard the little fin on back is just glued on and will pop off in a crash. i am of course comparing it to full face street helmets. and, ive never actually owned another motocross helmet before. so maybe this is how they all are. otherwise, it seems fine, especially for 70 bucks.

ok, the little metal bracket, is actually plastic. so i guess it would flex when you face plant.


oh yeah, i didnt spring for the visor, it was like another 100 bucks and ive read and seen pictures that show it doesnt actually fit well.

HA!!! i just looked inside of this helmet and its actually a snell 2005!

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hmmmm, 'big ear wells' and fit for a 'pointy head'?

I think you might need to stop drinking that B'more tap water.....

delrin, or just turn down some old spitfires in the lathe. [Not really]

oh, found that picture of you, kinda puts the helmet in perspective:

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