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Grand Prix Racing.... me crashing movie inside!

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Have you ever wanted to drive a 400 HP car that only weighs 1000 pounds? Well then you should get Grand Prix Legends and race with us. Don't laugh I'm racing with my keyboard until I get a wheel and pedals.
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nice looking game. arent you supposed to let go of the wheel when you spin?? are you actually missing shifts??? now thats cool. i'll have to keep an eye out for that one. just what i need. guess winters are long up there huh??

joe c
You can keep an eye out for it but you might have a hard time finding it. You see it was developed by the government to train chimpanzees to become better racers than humans.... Ah actually I'm kidding, it was actually developed by a well known Nascar game developer called Papyrus back in 97. It is considered by many to be the best (retail at least) racing simulator ever made. Unfortunately, the game didn't sell well (only 40,000 copies) because papyrus wouldn't dumb down the AI so that the average blow arcade gamer could win easily. From what I've read the times that the AI achieve are the same that the real 1967 Grand Prix drivers were getting.
As for letting go of the wheel during I spin, I did not know. I'm not missing shifts, since I have the computer shifting and driving with my 8,4,6 and 2 keys is enough for me to deal with. Yeah the winters are long up here but I should be moving away from the computer games and back to the 550 cause spring is just around the corner. :)
man, thats way cool. they let go of the wheel incase they hit the wall with the front end. that way it doesnt break thier fingers. you can still see them do it in the modern f1 races. now if they made a game that you could actually miss shifts, that would be cool huh? i had s friend who worked for some game company in boston or cambridge. it may have been papyrus. he used to go to all of the races and get all of the specs on the tracks and photograph the cars and shit like that. apparently the lines on the track were placed exactly on the pavement in the game as on the real thing. pretty cool.

it looks like a blast. I'm going to dig out my linux box and install...*cough* windows just so I can play it. and I'm also going to get a wheel that has force feedback so I can break some fingers
Cool JD, maybe we can get some others on the board to join in as well. I do believe that Papyrus is located in Massachusetts so maybe it was where your friend worked.
I went online last night and played multiplayer with it. The game appears to handle online multiplay very well. I also went out and downloaded all new car models and they look amazing. Here I'll try to link to one of the pictures now.
those pics look kick ass. wow.

what wheel pedal combinations are you using??? going to get??? i see them going for between 50 and 150 bucks.

I'd like to have either the Logitech Momo or Logitech Formula Force. The Momo can be had new on the net for around $100 and the Formula Force around $50. From what I've read these are the best affordable wheels for Grand Prix Legends. The cool thing is that they will both work with GT3 on the PS2 as well.
The sound of the ferrari at full wail is worth the price of admission alone. I dont think I will play it anymore without a wheel though. IF my addiction with motorcycle parts for the VFR would just slow down....

The bike breaker
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