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Just got back from the LONG trek out to Grattan for this past weekend's AHRMA race at my favorite track. Gorgeous weather for the whole weekend. Except for about two minutes during the rider's meeting on Saturday. Which also effectively ended the rider's meeting.

They had a track run practice day on Friday, $75 and there were six practice sessions for three groups during the day. Very smoothly run. Groups were broken into less than 500c, 500-1000cc and modern bikes.

Only a few USCRA racers out there, Henry Syphers, who did the typical Henry face plant on Saturday. Kenny Commings and Jeremy Walters were there on their Nortons. Dave Roper was there. Saturday his throttle cable broke on the 350gp warm up lap so he never made that race. And on Sunday he got passed in the final corner on the final lap of the 350gp race. Not a lot of good luck for Dave. I did ok. I took a second on Saturday. First was as far in front of me as third was behind me. So I was kind of out there running another practice session since my race was a two wave start and by the third lap I was all by myself. Sunday, however was a ton of fun. They made the race a single wave start so all of the 350 sportsman bikes were only three rows ahead of the formula 250 bikes on the grid. By the fourth lap I was in third place overall and only behind one of the sportsman 350 bikes and one of the formula 250 bikes, and close enough that I was making up ground on them. When the stupidest thing that can happen to a racer happened to me. I ran out of gas. My next race will be at Mid-Ohio. With the second gas can that I got for father's day.

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