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Great night ride

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We finally got some snow here in Iowa and I got to take out my '79 Centurion with a couple of friends riding their sleds. After a while the sled started getting slower and slower, so I stopped and popped the hood and saw the disc brake was red hot and starting on fire! After a few handfuls of snow I rode to my buddy's shop and removed the caliper, and went back out(I stuck the caliper in the rear compartment, planning on fixing it the next day-it popped the door off and I lost my tools and the caliper).
Riding behind one friend I saw what looked like someone shooting the snow behind his sled with a machinegun (the snow kept popping up like it was getting hit by bullets). He turned and stopped at a 90degree angle to me, and I saw he had a long wire wrapped around his track. The instant I saw that he hit the gas and spun his track and my face shield exploded off my helmet. I was about ten feet away but the wire had whipped around and hit me right in the face! Lucky I was wearing a helmet (the shield was junk after that).
Finally, that same guy ran into the back of a parked car in town and smashed the front of his sled. The guy who owned the car actually saw him do it and ran to help him. Turns out they knew each other and the guy was real cool.
All in all it was a great night of sledding. Jimmy
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I would probably have taken one of my toys out yesterday but it was raining and then froze, then today it did the same thing. So we have giant sheets of ice for roads. Now if I had studded tires that might be a diffrent story

Hey someone pas me the wrench........ Ahh screw it where is the torch
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