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Greetings from Northwest Arkansas! New to the community. Honda CL360.

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Hey all, new to the community, and motorcycles in general.

In a nutshell, I'm one of many new guys I'm sure you've seen roll through here. Little to no experience in working on motorcycles,
and fairly new to riding them. I picked up my first bike, a Honda CL360 Scrambler about a month ago, and use it primarily as a
commuter to work. Pardon the low quality photo. I can see about getting some higher res shots later.

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She runs pretty clean, and is in overall great shape for the year. (A little dusty under the seat however, and needs some TLC.
But hey, I see that as character and potential.) I'd give a parts rundown, but it's almost entirely original. The mufflers and filters
are about the only aftermarket parts.

As for where I'd like to take the build, I'm aiming modestly with a simple change of seat, bars, and mirrors first, as well as
swapping out the headlight and housing for a halogen bulb setup for practical my-light-is-dim sort of reasons. Any other ideas
for additions/ modifications would be much appreciated! It's a blank canvas at this point.

Glad to be here, and I'll have my eyes and ears open. Hope I haven't stepped on any toes already, as I know us knew guys
can occasionally.
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Haha glad to hear. I honestly plan to keep it close to its original state, as I hope to pick up some antique plates at some point. Just not a huge fan of the stem mirrors and moto/dirt bike style bars. I'll probably opt for a set of drag bars, as they come fairly close, and aren't as aggressive as other cafe bar styles.

Someday I'd like to take it apart just to treat the engine case to a good sonic bath, and maybe treat some minor rusting here and there on the frame. (Nothing major of course, or I wouldn't have invested in it.)
Thats funny. I have never seen a dirtbike with those types of bars. I think the dirtbikes you're looking at are genuine P.O.S's. You can have bar-end mirrors put on for real cheap.
Ah, thanks guys. I can always tell the CB's from the CL's as they have the lower set pipes, but haven't seen many external differences
between the 350's-750's. Would have been able to tell from the side covers, but the bike was turned too far in the images.
We recently used some of the ricks stuff such as stators on our bikes at work. Really great stuff to be honest.

As for the dirtbike bar thing - Those bars are nothing alike. Height plays a large roll. The only MX bars that would resemble the bars on your bike are pit bike bars made by companies like BBR.
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