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Greetings from Northwest Arkansas! New to the community. Honda CL360.

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Hey all, new to the community, and motorcycles in general.

In a nutshell, I'm one of many new guys I'm sure you've seen roll through here. Little to no experience in working on motorcycles,
and fairly new to riding them. I picked up my first bike, a Honda CL360 Scrambler about a month ago, and use it primarily as a
commuter to work. Pardon the low quality photo. I can see about getting some higher res shots later.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorcycle Motor vehicle

She runs pretty clean, and is in overall great shape for the year. (A little dusty under the seat however, and needs some TLC.
But hey, I see that as character and potential.) I'd give a parts rundown, but it's almost entirely original. The mufflers and filters
are about the only aftermarket parts.

As for where I'd like to take the build, I'm aiming modestly with a simple change of seat, bars, and mirrors first, as well as
swapping out the headlight and housing for a halogen bulb setup for practical my-light-is-dim sort of reasons. Any other ideas
for additions/ modifications would be much appreciated! It's a blank canvas at this point.

Glad to be here, and I'll have my eyes and ears open. Hope I haven't stepped on any toes already, as I know us knew guys
can occasionally.
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If that bike was mine I'd just clean it up and ride it as is. You have to respect the fact it has survived 40 years without being butchered.
Go and find a crappier one to cut up and modify.

*No toes were stepped on in the making of this post*
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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