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Greetings from the FUTURE!!!

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tomorrows lotto numbers are..

I'm a f-ing dork I know but, it's raining here...

Anyone catch Phillips Island?

And, just to rub it in:

Kangaroos are real, like bigfoot, and I HAVE seen a platypus but cannot spell it. (Bring your own coffee)

over and out.

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how fine is that ariel square four at the museum? I also hear they have a nice cb750K2 and a really nice 1974 hawasaki h2. Those vincents should also be making you drool.

Lots to do when we get back. Both with your project and with mine. By the time you get back to NYC, and provided everything goes off without a hitch I should be the new New York representative of the VJMC. Lots of planing ahead. Let me know what I need to do with your project to help get it going. If you have some web desing stuff or need some graphics don't hesitate.

Hopefully we can kickstart the cafe racer jap bike scene in NY.

BTW I don't care how much you protest I still think you need to have some sort of party when you come back, just because you didn't have one before you left (and if you did I wasn't invited).

e-mail me we will talk some more.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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