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So per my intro I have a 1982 GS450. My plan with it now is to switch out the front and rear end to run larger sport bike tires and rotors, etc.

I have searched the internet far and wide and tried to find measurements and anyone that has done this. I'm wanting to switch out my swing arm with a newer 90-present sport bike. I already have a 1990 gixxer 600 front end, that just needs a little minor modding to mock up to the front of the bike. I'm really wondering what kind of swing arm can I get to bolt on to the stock placement if any? I would hope the only major modding i'll have to do is weld tabs for the stock gs450 shocks and ditch the mono shock from the sport bike swinger. I would like to be able to use a swinger from the same year, but I don't have one available to see if it will mock up nicely.

This is my first bike EVER, so I'm diving in head first but I don't really car, I've modded cars alot more than I will with this bike, so I'm not to worried.

Thanks for any help!!!

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