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GS500 Race Bike

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Anyone have a GS500 Race Bike they're thinking about selling?
E-mail Wally [email protected]
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hiya wally. i was wondering when you were gonna appear on the cafe board.

tex mawby, #61 wera, #61x uscra (thanks parks)

p.s.- i don't have a gs500 for you either.

to answer the other guys question, tim is in vermont.

i don't know if the bike (gs500) still is though.

we (the usual cb350 wera guys) look forward to seeing you at a summit round, or two, or three next year.

i'm a psu grad. used to live on north patterson street across from nittany beverage (west college).

now i live in philly.



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we lived on the corner of west patterson and the alley that led to houts. they had a little grocery there where i used to pick up the best bagels and chocolate croissants every morning. they had that and a little of everything. i loved west college. back in the early nineties it was the best kept secret in town for poor college kids. met my future wife there, 12 years later we were married.

good times!


1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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