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GS550 Carb Vacuum line issues

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I have a GS550 with BS32SS mikuni carbs and I haven't been able to get a real answer from anyone as to why I'm having this issue or how to fix but maybe you guys can help here.

The bike had a leaky vacuum actuated petcock, so I decided to install a manual fuel valve and set the petcock to prime. I blocked the vacuum line that actuated the regular valve.

Now that I have everything back together, there are two lines that I have been told by some are supposed to go to the ground, to the airbox, to the other carb vent, etc,.

These lines are pretty peculiar though in a few ways:

1. the line on the left side of the carbs doesn't seem to do much of anything when blocked
2. the line on the right side makes the bike idle at around 4000rpm when blocked and slowly bog down and stall when open

What the hell are these lines for, why do they make this happen, and WHERE DO THEY CONNECT???
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How about some pictures?
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