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i got 20, a pile of skulls stickers (guaranteed not to stick to anything too long...doh!), a bigger pile of did racing chan stickers, maybe 150 of them, some fridge magnets with nice motorcycles on them, and 3 sets of bent forks to fit a cb350 racebike. the sliders are real nice though. really.

i bought my buff break from frank c for something like 300 i think. perch, cables, brake, and a spare lever. thats about all they really go for on ebay. as far as racing is concerned, the rim is junk. if its a 19, its definitely less worthwhile. sorry to smash your hopes and dreams. ive seen entire bikes go for 750 on ebay with that brake. but if you need some stickers....tex is kinda cute though.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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