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Gunstock and FIM

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Gunstock was a blast but way to bumpy.

Monday - Mike O. kicked ass and took a third to Roper and Z. Courts in the 350gp after. Joe managed to crash twice in one race. Same place... I don't get it. He didn't get hurt and went back out to rae the 500gp. Jeremy high sided in practice then went back and finished 7th in his race. Strempfer backed up all his talk in the 250gp. He held second for most of his race when Parker over took him from a miss shift and ended up with a third to Parkers second and Ropers first(Really fast bunch of 250 guys). Johnny Boudwah took a fourth in Middle weight on his bad 400/four right behind Steve DeCamp. I took a 5th at Gunstock and then Monday missed shift twice, stalled my 250 in turn 3, raced like a *** and ended up with an 8th. My new little Honda melted the lead wire to the coil and didn't start for the race.

Joe, anything I'm forgeting?

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actually i missed the 500gp race because i was replacing my mauled shifter and retwisting my forks. but i did get out for the 350geepee race. think you had a bad weekend? try crashing twice in the same corner in the same race! talk about feeling like everyone on the planet is watching you. mike was unreal. he was absolutely flying. what ever happened to "knife" anyway??? you have some kind of a honda electrical demon hidden inside of you i think aaron. im glad you figured out why the 175 wouldnt go. just a quick tech note about mine. i seem to cook off coils on a regular basis. i use stock coils on my bike and they crap out at least once a season. id recommend using some aftermarket coils or run the pvl or motoplat. i think either one will pay for itself soon. kind of ironic that i dont think youve ever had a problem with the electrics on the bsa, but you get on 2 hondas in 2 consecutive race weekends and walla. and i guess i proved that getting the 117 on my tech tag wasnt really good luck after all??

the scary thing about me crashing was that my first thought after i crashed the 2nd time was to get up and go again. now that would have been really dumb! i wish i could have seen jeremys face when i pulled up next to him in t1. johns ducati is really really fast. aaron, i watched you run the 250 and you looked cool comming into and leaving 1. its one of my favorite places to watch you ride.

maybe i should start getting my street bike together.i could probably use some extra seat time.

you guys kick ass.

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