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So I says to this guy,

"look, its a pain in the ass but, for you, this I can do. I, will take 'er off yer hands. What? C'mon, you can't beat that deal. Anyone else? they'd charge you an arm and a leg for parking right? Won't take 'er out to play or get the fresh high-test! Prolly git a few too many parking tickets and 'ave your baby towed to boot! So, here's what you do: leave the bike keys and title with me. I'll take good care of 'er and keep 'er good'n exercized. And for you? No worries! You will sleep like a baby knowing that such good care is being taken of the little italian princess. Only a fool would turn down such an offer. Capice?"

Still no reply.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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