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Hailing from the MidWest

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Greetings fellow bike owners and enthusiast alike.

Dropping in to get greasy and learn lots. I look forward to reading more and more about the love of Café Racers. I've been stalking the forums for about a month, purchase my 71 CB750 in March, and am very excited to get back on 2 wheels. After a final tour abroad, I am retired now and ready to move on to my hobby of riding, tinkering, and falling into love with the wind again.

She should be road worthy in a week or so after a mechanical inspection and some mild replacements of the usual Barn-Find-Aged parts. My thanks to the guys at Vintage Spoke in Kansas for the assistance. I look forward to turning this beauty into whatever she grows to be. Criticism and critiques' are very welcome as this is my first vintage bike, although I would like to convert her into a non-chop mild café racer.

Thanks in advance for all the advise I have read so far. There is a serious wealth of knowledge here. You guys and gals have given me lots of things to think/dream on. :D


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I have been here like a week, know nothing about Hondas and I knew he was joking.
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