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Hailing from the MidWest

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Greetings fellow bike owners and enthusiast alike.

Dropping in to get greasy and learn lots. I look forward to reading more and more about the love of Café Racers. I've been stalking the forums for about a month, purchase my 71 CB750 in March, and am very excited to get back on 2 wheels. After a final tour abroad, I am retired now and ready to move on to my hobby of riding, tinkering, and falling into love with the wind again.

She should be road worthy in a week or so after a mechanical inspection and some mild replacements of the usual Barn-Find-Aged parts. My thanks to the guys at Vintage Spoke in Kansas for the assistance. I look forward to turning this beauty into whatever she grows to be. Criticism and critiques' are very welcome as this is my first vintage bike, although I would like to convert her into a non-chop mild café racer.

Thanks in advance for all the advise I have read so far. There is a serious wealth of knowledge here. You guys and gals have given me lots of things to think/dream on. :D


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I'd be taking those pipes off, covering them in WD40, bagging them in plastic and storing them in the attic.

Throw a 4-1 Mac on it.
4-1 Mac came in the mail. Install time!! (I really need to start my build thread)
Here is what I recommend:
- Keep the stock pipes (Unfortunately the OEM Pipes had way to many holes in them to repair now and ride, installing a 4-1 Mac and sending these out for repair and rechrome, fall 2016)
- Put a K&N stock filter replacement in the airbox. Forget any "pods", this works the best. (K&N in and purrin)
- Good Tires, I prefer Metzler Lasertecs but Avon Roadriders are also great. (I went with Bridgestone)
- Do the dual disc conversion, or better yet a 1975-1977 GL1000 front end swap (Planning a future upgrade. (I will ride stock for a bit until I can assess further needs. I can definitely see the importance of it though)

- Alloy rims. If you do the GL1000 swap the front wheel will be a 19" alloy. Ideally you want 18" front and rear though. (Jury is still out on this one)
- Superbike bars, you'll need the leverage (Having these installed buy the cycle shop to insure good fit and drills - I also ordered new switch controllers L & R, as well as Master Cyl, throttle sleeve and OEM grips)

- new steering head bearings. For some reason cb750s chew these up (ordered)
- Classic Cycle City Guilari replica seat (Really liking this seat. Does anyone have an image of this seat installed on a stock frame? ....maybe with a modified rear fender and lighting system on the rear end?

- fiberglass replacement rear fender. Nice clean originals are hard to come by because everyone seems to bash them and they rust. Also the whole rear fender and stock taillight weigh way too much. (Still can't find something I like - I will stick with the stock 1-ton rear end for now)

- Calfab swingarm now that they are back in production again (Fall 2016-2017 upgrade)
- Decent shocks. Hagon for budget, Ohlins or works for bling. (I went with Progressive shock, stock height & design for that classic look)

- If you feel like you need rearsets raaks and Tarozzi both make setups. I would go with tarozzi as the raask are high and tight racer crouch, tarozzi are better for performance street riding. With a superbike bar however I doubt you will need them. (Debating...)

- metal flake or candy paint. Flat anything is for losers - 70's is all about sparkle. (I am going with Candy Gold with Ivory White stripes - might go with Honda paint layout, can't decide. Don't plan on painting till next year after the design and building process is complete.)

That ought to sort you out. Figure you'll spend about $2K-$3K all said and done.
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