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halfast report

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any news on how team members did on thier trips/races??


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There's really to much to describe to get it all in one thread, but I give it a go.

James Swartout and family - My condolences.

200gp - I first got the track and thought I was at the wrong event because I'd never seen so many people at a vintage race before. Made Daytona look like a back yard picnic. The track was fast, technical, and by far the most fun I've had on two wheels. It had several corners that appeared the same in entrance but exited much different. My first lap of practice I found myself going wide in the carousel and ended up in the grass. By race time I felt as though I knew what the track layout was but didn't have any defined lines. I had a bad start and lost the fast front pack. I started to feel more comfortable by lap 3 and started to pick off a couple of people and ended with a 6th. The next day I had a kick ass start for my bike and stayed behind the front pack for 2 laps. It was cool because it to see first place 20 yards ahead for entire 2 laps. After a late exit out of turn three, from entering a little to hot, I ended up bending my intake valve and watched the front pack slowly walk down the straight never to be seen again and ended up with a 7th. I don't think I would have caught the front guys but it would have been nice to see how I would have finished with both valves.

Tony opted to race 500 premier instead of 500 sportsman and took a 14th the first day and a 10th the next day. The best part of that group was obvously the St. Croix, Roper, Mooney train, but everyone in that group was fast and all on really nice machines. Something you don't see a lot of at Loudon.

Parker too a 7th the first day in 250gp and an 1th for the following day.

Bob Bove took a 13th in 200gp and a 9th in Formula 125 the first day, and the second day a 9th in Formula 125.

Turk and Martin Y. kicked the dogs bullocks. Martin took a 3rd in Formula 125 the first day and a 2nd the following day. Phil took a 3rd in the 250gp, a 2nd in 350gp, a 1st in Formula 125 the first day, a 3rd SOS-2stroke, and the second day a 2nd in 250gp, a 2nd 350gp, 1st in Formula 125.

All the grids were big the weren't a lot of slouches, everybody was there to race. So John it was probably good you didn't go. Man... I'm funny.

Tony and I made friends with our paddock neighbors, the Kinseys. Tim cleaned up 350 sportsman both days and his wife Debbie probably would have caught me both days if the race was longer.

Thanks... Martin, Donald N., Phil, Parker, Will, B Bove, Tex, The Kinseys, and Carlos for help this weekend.
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