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yeah, like im worried. im sure hes changed more tires. did he change the ones that went flat at the track on him?? i keep hearing that hes comming back. uh huh. and where were you last weekend??? im already looking forward to next season. my own bike, finally getting back to nhis.

actually, i was the one fighting all the time. expelled from 7th grade for possesion of a concealed deadly weapon, fighting and assault. i had no problem with fighting and sticking up for myself or kicking some other kids ass when needed. then, after that, suspended 4 more times in 8th grade for fist fighting. high school i went on to getting arrested and bigger better things. a few trips to county lock-up in highschool i figure either makes you realize how much of a bad ass you really are, or arent! i guess i realized i wasnt such a bad ass after all.

21 - 32 of 32 Posts
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