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Handlebar height.

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So I had a buddy that tried to pass his old suzuki with some standard clubmans and they wouldn't pass inspection. Some silly Texas law involving a gas tank, but I cant find it online. Is this always the case or is there a way around this. I was thinking of just taking the bike in with normal bars then doing a swap. Is that the standard for running cafes? Or do most of you guys know somebody who helps you pass... for a case of beer... or something... not a bribe...just a thank you case. anyways, that thought just re-entered my mind as i was about to order some bars and i figured you guys would know. (and yeah im trying to make it as street legal as possible)

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here in lynn, MA, where there is a strong pressence of hell's angles, there are lots of bikes with bars that are shoulder height and even one guy whose bars are over his head. if low bars are dangerous, than high bars must be really safe. it might be easier to put a small low gas tank on your bike for inspection purposes and swap back to your prefered tank than to do the control swap thing. I can't stand the position (or the look for that matter) of the stock bars which came on most sixties and seventies bikes and have clubmans on all my street bikes. bar to tank nerfing is a real bad thing, avoidable at all costs. loss of (a little) steering lock is an easy mod. usually.
i'd be a lot more comforable if you sent me a case of new castle brown ale. it's really good and english too.
comfortabley yours,
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