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Handlebar height.

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So I had a buddy that tried to pass his old suzuki with some standard clubmans and they wouldn't pass inspection. Some silly Texas law involving a gas tank, but I cant find it online. Is this always the case or is there a way around this. I was thinking of just taking the bike in with normal bars then doing a swap. Is that the standard for running cafes? Or do most of you guys know somebody who helps you pass... for a case of beer... or something... not a bribe...just a thank you case. anyways, that thought just re-entered my mind as i was about to order some bars and i figured you guys would know. (and yeah im trying to make it as street legal as possible)

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in md if you use historic plates, there is no inspection. otherwise, you gotta be as legal as the next guy, well, for the inspection. then its a free for all!

and actually, im surprised. alot of modern sportbikes have them down low. most of the time its about the height above the tank. i think the law is 15" but i could be wrong about that. but then again, alot of new sportbikes dont have the tanks under the "tank"

absolutely. your bars should in no way hit your tank. like i said, id be surprised if it was an issue of them being too low, or the fact they are clubmans. most of the time it has more to do with height.

i know in maryland, it is impossible to find this stuff out. they will tell you what the law is, but finding it in print is next to impossible.

something i try and have work a lot of times is just take it to a different place. usually, with the dmv, i can get someone to give me the answer i want. if i just so "ok" to the person im talking to who gives me the answer i dont like. i just hang up, and call right back. you can almost always get someone who is willing to ignore, help, or be cool. i have found out it works the other way around too. if they offer something, and its on the table, dont do anything to let them take it off. because youre usually put into a situtaion that is 2x as complex as the one you walked in with.

i just went through an immisions inspection issue and had one guy tell me hed take care of a suspended registration for me. for non compliance of emmisions. i went back the next day with the stuff i needed, and he wasnt there. the dude who was there said there was no way anyone would be allowed to do what the guy said he would do for me and that i needed to bring the car in. (the dmv rep telling me to drive with a suspended plate. he wouldnt even tell me how much i was going to owe. so what did i do? i picked up the phone and had someone do it for me over the phone. no problem. and, she saved me over 200 bucks in fines to boot!

so if you dont get the answers you want the first time, try again someplace else. it can work.

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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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