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Happy Turkey Day / intro

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Hey all
I just found this little forum. Very Cool!
Anyways, quick intro ;
I'm just coming back to Vintage racing after a 3 year hiatus. Used to race Fasttrax and WERA till I moved down to Florida.
Just bought back my old SR500 from '01-02 racing seasons and I'll race WERA and Fasttrax when I visit family and friends in Ohio.
I'm also building a couple of BMWs to race in Florida. CCS in FL has Light and Heavyweight Vintage classes.
Any SR or Beemer racers here?
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yup. at least two

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Evil Lou at the Motorcycle Shoppe has the engine right now. Bigger piston, Poweroll crank conversion, new carb, reworked head, exhaust is on the other side now, looking to go to Daytooooona. I was a little shocked (pissed) to see the dyno numbers at the end of the season, hence the engine work. The bike will never be that clean again, BTW. I've crashed three times. Gotta get new pegs.
alkay, you must be the same alkay on the yahoo sr group?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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