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ok but I'll preface this....

these will be in progress pix only and nothing any more current than one year

a peek at the twin port induction

Psysho Barbie's Nugs were just right there

ultra close up of the Duck Alt, the allens are 1/4 20 for a size reference and that's all stainless

one year one model only rare Lucas headlight

very early mock up but was ridden about three months after this was taken, yes it got a real swingarm and even timkens

Joey Two Bolts donated the Tarozzi's and Tomaselli 3 ways

Autometer was kind enough to toss a tach at it so I made the stainless mount, the tach is isolated in live rubber

welded up front backing plate to make the rear 2LS.... certainly in the rough here, speedo drive holes and such filled in

this stuff these old japanese backing plates are made of isn't the greatest to weld

Ti engine mount, the front ...... rears are pretty much the same but also cross braced to make it just that much more impossible to weld

lots of big holes drilled in that frame

an observant eye will see the swingarm has been "flipped" because the bike is right side drive, fully adjustable timken setup for preload and side to side, all one off pieces and a pita

in progress charging system, lots of juice and no stupid genny

random Lucas alt on a HD flatty so you can visualize how this is done

I wasn't fibbing about the induction, it works very well

next to my slammed and taut T140D cafe

very early mock up of this one

several years ago

bigger OHV engine on flatty bottom

same bike again with an old codger, that VL runs pretty darned swift for such an old one too

very early pic of my T140D cafe, I'd like to talk to the guy that started this project, it's come a long way from how it was when I got it

I'll dig up some others and I hope nobody is offended by perception of thread jacking and stuff

thanks for tolerating my metal carnage

4,721 Posts
thanks, it really takes way too much time and I've slowed down in the last couple years


5'9" 132# Blue eyes with striking vertical topaz stripes in them... and DD's

a contortionist and highly trained in jujitsu

smart too but really should be wearing a shock collar at all times
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