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Harley Smoothbore Mikuni carbs

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Dual 29mm Smoothbore Mikuni performance carbs.
New gaskets and seals

Should fit IronHead and ShovelHead bikes.
SUDCO manifold.

Nice shape.
Fairly rare.
VERY interesting.

Asking $375 but open to offers.
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Those would look just right on a swirl painted ironhead.
They REALLY would.

Hell I even could come up with a list of parts I know the owner has that I would be willing to trade for too!
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On the bike I run a 2000 Screaming Eagle Cv carb (I think it is 42mm). It works flawlessly and was brand new so I didn't have to clean a thing.

In storage I have:
A 42mm Mukuni VM round slide barrel top carb on an ironhead manifold.
A mukuni TM Flatslide, manifold, and all the cables
An Edlebrock quicksilver, manifold, and all cables
A Super B that needs a rebuild because it is probably worn out.

why do I need to add double barrel mukuni VM smoothbores to this pile of stuff I will never get around to using?
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Because "collecting" is FUN!
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That looks like the weakest cable mount I have ever seen.
Yeah there is some room for improvement for sure.
Strange, but of the four I have seen (owned two) they all have the same tiny mount
That's like $700 in today's money.

ill make someone a nice deal to move these.
That's like $700 in today's money.
$832 to be a little more precise.
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