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um...ok. Speaking of Harleys, did your friend ever get the sportster out of the Bowl Rosko? Did he ever get it running? Or did your friend who makes T-shirts kill him and bury the body somewhere.'s tim?
I GOT IT RUNNING. and I don't think he rode it more than around the block...

Luckily the printer has been too busy, he'd be on a serious killing spree if he saw the state of things there. That's gonna change though, I'm back and there will be A CLEAN SHOP once again!

He's good, ice age speed triple mania.

Whatta ***...Does he still have it or did he sell it?

Did Tim buy a speed triple? What happened to the kz550? IF he did tell him I want to ride it.

Saw a huge crime being comitted today...went by Sixth Street Specials (awsome shop by the way) and there was a guy trying to fit a rickman metisse gas tank to a kawasaki KLR. IT is a neat idea but considering how rare those metisse tanks are why butcher history when you can just put a fiberglass tank on it. seemed like a shame to me. The owner was a cool guy though.
Yeah, sold the 550 and went speed triple. That F'ER is FAST with a capital F. Lotta fun.

6th street is all good, can't beat the proximity. Owner's a high ranked flattracker from what I hear.

The speed triple is an awsome bike. So when is he gonna let me ride it?

BTW I am going to need your cb350 in the near future...Was down at works and Eric and I talked about putting together a "cafe racer" kit for all the cb350s that seem to be running around brooklyn. May need your bike to test out parts in putting the kit together.

As for 6th street, Hugh is an awsome cat. the shop is really cool and if I ever get the dosh up I'll probably spring for another norton after looking at the triton in his shop. I need to get back in shape anyway.
I have that extra 350 frame all race prepped and ready for powdercoat....

That's good for the seat, tail and tank but I need a roller to check the fit of the clip-ons, rearsets, cable sizes and various other bobs and baubles. We talks a little bit and I think the kit will include:

- Tank (aluminum or fiberglass)
- Seat (same as above plus padding)
- Clipons (not sure to make these myself or buy them already done)
- proper length clutch and brake cables
- Rearsets (looking to outsource but may do thee in house)
- small signal lights (not necessary but we are trying to promote safety)
- grips

we may offer a lower priced kit without the tank and seat, depending on how we can source things. I want to do the whole deluxe kit for ideally under $800 (for fiberglass, aluminum will cost more). I need to build one bike and see what kind of interest it generates and what people are willing to pay, butr for now I'd like to get an idea about components.
There are 2 350's complete, a 360 and a 350 frame at the warehouse. Right next to your GT! After the holy-daze I'll be free(er) to mess around at the shop....

where did you get the other 350? BTW do you know anything about sheetmetal stamping.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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