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Harris Matchless G80 Rotax

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I just picked up an '88 G80 Harris Matchless (500cc Rotax single). Anybody here have any info on them? I get next to nothing online. The bike belonged to a friend who rode it to Mexico and back in 1994. Its been passed around amongst a bunch of my street riding buddies and now its mine. It was listed on Craigslist and he got 75 calls but I was second. The first guy didn't show up-probably sobered up.
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I rebuilt one of those back in 2001. It had been sitting for quite a while and the sleeve was extremely pitted. I got a sleeve from L.A. sleeve, and a new piston from Ron Woods along with valve seals, gaskets, etc.

That was a way cool bike. I bet most parts would be easy to get since it used a lot of aftermarket parts, such as the front end and the brakes. I also rebuilt the calipers on that bike, they were Brembo so the seals were common.

cool bike!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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