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Have you seen the inner sanctum?

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Another post about Maine Cycle reminded me about something I witnessed this past fall. My buddy John was looking at some old 2 strokes in the basement when Reggie offered us admission to the "Inner Sanctum" (the floor that most people never get to visit). This floor is filled with complete unmolested bikes. Most of them are not for sale (technically). You name it, its most likely sitting down there. Anybody else been in there?

Goes like the proverbial violated primate....
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not yet damn it. probably going up saturday, maybe I'll mention it to reggie and see what he says.
I think that might have been travis because I have no memory of it whatsoever. I do however remember you saying "wow, a rickman metisse" but it was after you came home. I really don't think I was there.
nick, I am still looking. got a line on one, its just wether or not we can get it running and get a title. if either of those things don't happen I will definitely give you a call, thanks

also, where is a good place to get bathroom supplies? I need to put a bathroom in and need a shower base and sink/vanity and the necessary plumbing supplies
thanks fellas
if I close on feb 14 I'll be doing the bathroom the last two weeks in february. nick, not sure we're going to do the plumbing ourselves. don't think we are. could we hire you?
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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