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hawk on Monday

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Any of you showing up for the Hawk day on Monday?

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nope, sorry. they should try and schedule these things for the day before the races. then id go. im sure they try to. wow, monday huh? thats a good week of racing right there.

have fun and stay safe.

yeah, then you also get a couple of days to fix things that are broken! having the jump on the club for practice is going to be huge. you'll beat alot of guys i bet you wouldnt otherwise. ive never done one of those things but they sound like alot of fun.

350, lwsv, and 500. i got tanner to run 500 and rick randall too. im excited. im still shopping for new stuff though.

aaron, i'll give you a call one night next week to setup pick up for the scoot. ive been wanting to get into another project this week. thinking about winter.

anyone seen one of the r32's on the street yet?? the cicadas are out here. started today. they say there could be several hundred thousand per acre. i'll be sure to get pics. it should make summit point quite interesting.

230hp in that little car. man, that thing will probably just about kick everythings ass. i wonder how the box is. i didnt know you got rid of the 350. man, i really liked that motorcycle. a very sexy machine. thats too bad dude, i was looking forward to trying to run you down again. at least the last race we had together i have pictures of us. (im in front!!! woohoo!!)

***. i only have the one picture, since i was able to be in front of you for all of about 2 laps before i crashed. a pic in t1 after i chased you down would have been cool though eh? its me, some guy with a bcm ducati stickered helmet on a honda 350, then you, then matt tanner, then steve d'. if i actually never win a race, at least i'll have all of these pictures to brag about when i get

meanie, i cant wait. im even excited about making the drive up! mikes such a loser. i cant believe hes not going to be there. are you guys planning on comming down for summit in june then going back up??? were having a party that saturday night. im going to get faster the movie and we'll get the grill going. you guys are all invited and we'll make room for you. then haul up to louden on sunday for the monday race.. whatchya think?? im curious about what the cicade thing is going to be like at summit. it should make things interesting. and any of the guys from the phili/dc area are are welcome. there are even guys on the street here that are invited. so it should be fun.

was it aaron yates who pulled of at vir a few years back after taking the checkered and ran into a spot-a-pot during his cool down lap??

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1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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