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I have a few cool gauges that look oldschool that are actually digital that I like. Does anyone know of any aftermarket gauges that look "old" (vintage or antique looking, but a digital readout)?

Also... me and a friend are banging out some sheet metal to integrate the brakelight and turn signals INTO the tail of the bike, I liked the idea and wanted to go through with it. I'm going to do my own wiring... does anyone know of any setups that I could install like a kit or anything to integrate front and rear turn signals SEPARATELY (not using the original wiring... because I yanked it all out, it was horrible).

Keep in mind i'm more of a computer nerd... i can use a soldering gun, I understand wiring diagrams to a degree and understand wiring and electronics but I'm not insanely in depth. I know the original setup had something looping off the 12v connection going into a flasher, then to the turn signals (front), onto a 2 way switch in the bars and that's how it worked.

I want to make it a bit more simple than that...

The brake light i'll figure out. Not sure on the head light, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
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