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So the new bike I picked up (project 74 cb125).... All that I can really do to ride it lately is little bits here and there near the garage being that it's not licensed...

Anyway, the other day the front break was seized on the way back.

No worries, striped some dead weight parts off that day and called it good.. went back today to keep going... Popped the side cover off the brake caliper mechanism and bahhhhhwhhahhahahah the whole friggin inside was fullllllll of water and rust..
"oh that explains it <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>"
Broke it all down and cleaned everything up and it's just fine now... super funny though, wish I had a pic of the look on my face when the cover came off and dumped water at my feet the color of a shit milkshake....

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