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Hi, my name's Jack i'm an 18 year old living in France (born in england).
I've loved cafe racers since i was 16.
I have only attempted one build for the moment ( lack of time and money).
In france from the age of 14 we can ride 50cc bikes or scooters.
So it was only a question of time until i got a 50 to turn into a cafe racer.
The bike was a stock yamaha dt50 enduro model.
It would go 45km/h from stock and was incredibly boring to ride.

The motor was a minarelli 49.9cc, with a 12mm carb and a ninja exhaust (no performance just replacement parts).

I started by completely stripping the bike.
And adding a longer swinging arm, shorter forks, the tank from a yamaha tzr (it was all i had that looked good), stuck some clips ons on it and got some sm wheels.


I rebuilt the motor with a 50cc racing kit, a 19 carb, chromed kn filter, a gianelli racing exhaust and removed the auto lube to have it running on pre-mix.
I bought a cafe racer seat and repainted the bike in black.


This is the bike after all the work.
I think it was a great improvement over the original style.
After the transfomation the bike would go 120km/h (compared to the 45km/h it originaly did , and the 45km/h speed limit for 50cc), with a brilliant acceleration speed.

So that's my presentation, I'm going to be building another 50cc cafe racer (this one with more time and money available) so I'll probably make a post for that.

I'm very happy with what i' ve done.
But i'd like to hear some of your opinions.
Thank you

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