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Hello from Jersey!

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Hi everyone I am new to this site and the cafe racer world. I have been racing motocross forever, but never owned a street legal bike. So, I purchased my first bike a few days ago for $900 (I am 19 and still live at home, my mom is pissed). It is a 1973 Honda CB750 bored and stroked to an 836. It has been sitting for a year so I cleaned out the carbs and just need to finish all the wiring and it should start right up. I thought this would be a great platform to start building my bike. It is something I have always wanted to do! I am open to any advice right now and I am really trying to find a badass seat, so what seat should I get?
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It was not bored and stroked to 836, only bored.
What kit was used will be important. That and knowing the guy that did it was not a moron.

Few red flag fails right off the bat.
-Stupid low bars
-No front fender
-Hacked off rear.

What wiring does It need?
You get a title?
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My ultimate goal is just to have a kickass cafe racer when I am done! I am keeping it clean and simple.
Sounds like you have a solid plan. Nice change of pace.
Think less "café racer" and more "Vintage performance" if you must have a label.

There are MANY simple/small but meaningful upgrades that can be done to a SOHC 750
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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