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Hello from Jersey!

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Hi everyone I am new to this site and the cafe racer world. I have been racing motocross forever, but never owned a street legal bike. So, I purchased my first bike a few days ago for $900 (I am 19 and still live at home, my mom is pissed). It is a 1973 Honda CB750 bored and stroked to an 836. It has been sitting for a year so I cleaned out the carbs and just need to finish all the wiring and it should start right up. I thought this would be a great platform to start building my bike. It is something I have always wanted to do! I am open to any advice right now and I am really trying to find a badass seat, so what seat should I get?
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Seems to be a little shy on clutch lever, switches on the left handlebar and the rear turn signals have been crashed off. Did you ask the seller if they had any of the original parts that they could give you, that is always a good idea when you are buying a semi-complete motorcycle.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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