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help building one of these

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The first bike I ever wanted was a late 50s beemer (R26 or something similar) but I can't afford one. There is hope as I recently found an image of a Honda C70, and it's a somewhat close approximation in look without the cost. It also seems to have some styling cues from early Indians and flathead Harleys:

So I'm proposing simply modifying a later-model Dream (CA72/77) by adding straighter bars, brown grips and solo seat, and the rear rack with some funky brown saddlebags and top trunk. Where might one go about finding these items?

This will be a city commuter. I've heard the Dreams are somewhat gutless but they use the same 305 as the Super Hawks, so how easily tweakable are they and are they as reliable as the 350 from the CBs? Ever come across one of these in person? They are nice and small and easily parkable on sidewalks.

This person apparently has something going on engine wise, as evidenced by the pipes and head color (but this could be for aesthetics only). Also check out the cafe seat and whitewalls:

Another, with solo seat and pillion, but I noticed it seats deeper than the C70. Perhaps that was an adaptation for a spring on the seat? I like the look of the solo without the rear seat; the fender is nice and swoopy. This image proves that it is possible without too much work (hopefully).

Am I crazy? I'm fascinated by this model, after seeing it for about 5 years with no interest whatsoever. I think it's the front fender.
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Good luck Sule. It seems like your on your way to a bad ass ride
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