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Help me identify what i purchased.....

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I purchased a 1971-ish cb500 with a custom lattice frame and i am wondering if it might look familiar to it a kit, a one off, a race bike?
Here are a few things I know:
- Well built lattice frame, where the lower engine cradle unbolts from the rest of the frame
- it has an aluminum swing arm
- eccentric chain adjuster in the frame
- Arces triple tree
- Drilled rear hub for cooling (and brake shoes)
- Clear right side magneto cover
Really odd things:
- Cable operated kick stand
- Additional switched on the handle bars
- accessory red light above the left rear turn signal

I am wondering if it wasn't a race bike that someone tried to make street legal.

Any other ideas?






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welds look strange. So smooth. Almost like a massed produced look.
Tubing looks undersized to me, I know it's supposed to be a spaceframe, but it's not really.

Interesting, though....

a 2 second google search came up with this.

Very cool if that is a Ceriani bike frame and suspension... Nice find!
No forks, huh? That would be the major part of the cool...

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I'd go over that frame very carefully for cracks.... maybe use some dye penetrant.
especially in the high vibration areas. Cracks are a bitch.
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