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Help me identify what i purchased.....

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I purchased a 1971-ish cb500 with a custom lattice frame and i am wondering if it might look familiar to it a kit, a one off, a race bike?
Here are a few things I know:
- Well built lattice frame, where the lower engine cradle unbolts from the rest of the frame
- it has an aluminum swing arm
- eccentric chain adjuster in the frame
- Arces triple tree
- Drilled rear hub for cooling (and brake shoes)
- Clear right side magneto cover
Really odd things:
- Cable operated kick stand
- Additional switched on the handle bars
- accessory red light above the left rear turn signal

I am wondering if it wasn't a race bike that someone tried to make street legal.

Any other ideas?






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Not sure what it is, but wholly hell do I want it in my garage!

Kind of reminds me of my old CB77 Yetman frame.
It is very different to a Bimota HB1 frame.

It looks like the welds were smoothed over with filler (bondo) before painting. Old chopper kinda thing.
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Rear brake plate looks like OEM honda CB550/500. I can check mine latter.

Bimota frames normally wrap around the motor more. For many the goal was to get the head off with the motor in the frame.
Any Yetmans I have seen do not wrap under the engine.

Where was this found?
That might help with ideas of who would have been building stuff like this.
Bimota kinda lied to you.

Bob is the knower of all things Bimota in the USA

It really does not look like any Bimota frame I have seen.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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