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help me sell these . . . please BIKES FOR SALE

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OK, here goes. I'd like to sell these bikes to finance another bike, so take these off my hands, Please. No reasonable offer will be refused. I'll deliver within 100 miles of Portland, ME.

SOLD First to go: 1996 Ducati, red, 900SSCR. awesome bike, ex-larry hayden. New Corbin seat, new tires (about 800 miles ago), full tune up at 9400 miles by moto milano, newish battery, comes with manuals and CD. I replaced clutch slave, and a few other small items. Bike now has about 10,200 miles on it. The bad. larry low sided it slowly before I got it, and my wife knocked it over with her Volvo, so it's got some wear and scratches. [not the wife or the volvo--the bike] Stock exhaust. Cheap. Buy it for $2200.00. (Talk me down to 2K and it's yours)

SOLD 1970 ish CB350. Ex BFD. What can I say? It runs great, drum front, I got rid of the air box so it runs filters, OK tires, I installed clubmans, all lights work. OK Suzuki exhaust pipes. Rough tank and side covers. Easy to turn into a race bike. $500.00 or BO

3. 1968 ish 250 Ducati race project. Beautiful stock big valve engine done by BCM. Champ knows most about this, he sold it to me. Rolling frame, minus front wheel/brake. (I have an old wheel to go on it., but I need the front brake) Clip ons, rearsets, Ducati vintage racing exhaust megaphone. No carb. Stock tank, nothing fancy. New tires (Avon race compounds) to go with bike. $2400.00.

If you buy all, three bikes, it'll be a bargain for a reduced price of $4,400.00 AND I'll throw in my Giro bike, for FREE, a 1966 YL1 Yamaha TWINJET 100cc 2-stroke screamer.

Let me know. If there is enough interest I'll post photos. It'll all go on ebay next week.

scott evil

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Talk to me about that CB350... What does Ex BFD mean? Do you have the paperwork for it? NY is a sticky state to register a bike in.

Hey, I'll trade ya a 1955 Ariel Colt for the Duck....

Hey, you can't sell the Yammy, that was the COOLEST bike at the Giro! My favorite, next to my bikes of course.

What is your new project. Must be really great for you to be willing to get rid of the Twin Jet.

I think titles came out in 72 or 73. Pre that isn't hard if you have had the bike at least a year. I had to do this with my 64 Ducati and it was mostly time consuming--getting it weighed, pictures of the vin #'s etc. Luckily I knew the history of the bike from 1971. Like you said, if it comes out stolen, your screwed.

But, it MUCH simplier with the title, or a transferable registration.

The BIG problem would be if the bike was actually a 1973, then it would be darn near impossible to get on the road legally. Now, I already have 3 bikes on the road, so the easiest thing would be to just "borrow" a plate and stick it on. Only problem would be the inspection sticker. I don't need any tickets!

I would like to pick up a CB 350 and make a Cafe out of it. I like light bikes you can throw around.

Evil thinks I wanted to trade the Ariel for the Honda, NO, I wanted to trade the ariel, tongue in cheek, for the Ducati. The Ariel is worth much more than the HOnda. Plus I would kill myself on the Ducati.
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