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Help w/ XS400 engine modifications

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Anyone modify an XS400 for improved performance? Are cams available? Any OEM parts that are common? Does an XS500 engine fit?

Thinking valve job, and mill the head for a little more compression. Aftermarket Trumpet slip-ons, new jetting. Nothing crazy, just a little more power.


Sidney Franklin
Bloomington, IL
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It's a 1978 XS400E with 11,000 miles on it. My brother bought it new and I started riding it around 1980. Finally bought it from him in 1988.

Forgive my ignorance about bike engines. I use to race Briggs go-karts and the first thing we did was swap the cam, mill the head, change the jets, and add a header. I'll leave the cam alone and look at punching it out. Already sent the front pipes to have them jet coated and I'm looking for some vintage looking slip-ons. Also pulled the stock air cleaner boxes and have been looking for K&N cone type filters. How big can I over bore this engine?

Neither of those sites list parts for an XS400.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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