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help with rim job

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I've got a '75 Honda 400F. 18" 36 hole, WM2 front and WM3 rear. I want alloy rims...specifically these alloy rims. They come in the right sizes for my bike but are not made specifically for my hubs.

Never having laced a wheel before, how much of a factor is the angle of the nipples in the rim? These are 18" 36 hole rims, but they're made for the rear wheel of small Honda and KTM dirtbikes. Can the spoke patterns be so far off that they won't work?

I know I could write a check to Buchanans and have some rims custom drilled, but thought I'd check these out first.
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like champ says... lace it up on a trueing stand or a swing arm in a bench vise.... tighten each spoke a small bit, working around the rim eventually you will end up with a wheel. Making sure the wheel is true and the spokes are properly torqued is another story

You might not get it right the first time... by the 50th time you will be pretty good

do it


1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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