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Hi all it's Rich the shop teacher. Well we are getting down to the wire on our buildoff and Rick (my friend and compitition) is in a jam. he had a powdercoater in his area donate some of his time to coat his rims. Well...... Rick finlly got the rims back cuz he still needs to have them laced and the rims are junked! thay look like some one tried to blast them with P-stone and them coated them black. Ive never seen anything like this. I cant believe he did this to the rims, they are Junked! Well that is yet another one to chalk up to experance with donations. I had to spent $400 to fix the dammage done to my head when I sent it out to be "ported" and the valves redone. Hell the valves wouldent even hold back solvent with H/D rd springs on it. well enough about me this is a plight for Rick, does anyone have any rims they can sell/part with so rick can reach our deadline? he is running a drum up front and in the rear. you can e-mail him through our site
his link is on the home page and you can e-mail him their or drop me a line through here or through out site.
Thank all of you for your help.

ps. American Roadracing is going to be doing an artical on the project in the next few months we did phone interviews this week with them!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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