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HI all well we are almost done with the cycle and we lost the clutch assembally. the part that is in the sprocket cover, actually we lost the little triangle thing with the 3 ballberings on it. Does any one local (Albany area) have one of these thay can part with????please let us know. Thanks
on another note the bike runs!!!!! the kids are stoked! we had an oil leak under the rocker box so we had to pull the motor again and tear it down change the gasket, try bond the new one, and re-assemble. no more leaks thank God. so we are doing ok. Last night a friend and I painted the bodywork that kept me out till 230am (Im to old for this crap) I have to get up at 5am for work so today is rough but it is done. We will post pictures next week for you all to see.
Thanks in advance
one last thing if anyone is in the Saratoga area on June9th we are going to have an un-valing of the 2 bikes their around 2pm love to meet some of you all, If you cant make that Rick and I will be at the AHRMA Mid-Ohio vintage races in July with the cycles so you can check them out their
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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